Does baby prams really help parents in taking the child outside?

Need for foldable baby carriage

Portable baby pram

Baby prams are a synonym for convenience, especially when your toddler is not anymore a 3-4 kgs infant. So, when your little joy grows up, he needs his own space and things. He is all set to look around the world that is outside the home enclosure. The fact is that he deserves to have a look at the beautiful world that God has created around him.

Then, what could be a better thing than to make your baby sit in a kids pram or stroller (strollers are for sitting purpose only)? Take him to a place that is occupied with trees, flowers, birds and children all around. Nothing in the world can fascinate a child more than the above-mentioned things. It is said that ‘man is a social animal’ and his social attitude towards life begins at an early age of 5-6 months.

Thus, the portable baby pram, walker and stroller bestow a mutual convenience to both parents and kids. While children can get busy looking and exploring the world, parents can carry on with walking, partying or shopping. However, keeping an eye on your kid is necessary.

Facts reflecting the importance of baby prams

A child can see parents’ face

Children feel safer when they find their parents near and talking to them. The outside world is absolutely new and unknown to them. All they can see is people and vehicles running on the road, moving of animals and chirping of birds on the giant trees. The whole biosphere is unknown and huge except for their parents. While sitting in the pram, he can easily have a watch on them.

Social connect

Any human on this planet will have a fear to socialize until he does it personally.  A baby pram is a good source for a child to interact with the gifts of nature and people in his surroundings.  He keeps on watching new faces and tries to interact with them in his language.


Many paediatricians and child psychologists say that the more a child interacts with the outside world, the more he becomes confident. Child interactions with the external environment add to better growth and development.  Every day he observes new plants, flowers, animals, objects and people while sitting in an extremely comfortable state.


Parents are usually not comfortable taking their infants elsewhere when weather conditions are not ok. Whether it is rain, sunlight, breeze, anything extreme can ruin your child’s health to some extent.  But modern kid prams and strollers have canopies above.  Now, you can protect your little one from heat or water until you reach home. 

Sound sleep
Baby pram having a provision to sleep
Baby about to sleep in the Pram

Nowadays, baby prams are according to the child’s comfort. Modern baby prams and strollers are light, sturdy and portable. It allows a child to have a sound sleep no matter parents are walking in a mall or moving on a heavy traffic road.

Satisfaction of parents

Mothers usually find it problematic to carry a child outside as they get tired soon while walking and create troubles for her on being cranky. Neither mother nor baby enjoys their outing and comes back with more irritation. Imagine! How helpful are baby prams and strollers in such a situation?

How does going out in a pram Impact kids?

Comfort has a huge impact on the human mind, whether he is an adult or a kid. A person can focus on other activities only when he is in a comfortable position. The same applies to kids as well. Those kids who frequently go out for a walk or to play with other kids have better observation and analytical capabilities.

Types of prams

Baby Prams cum strollers

The growing kids persuade parents to take them out. Parents must take their children outside the home every evening as it enhances their growth and development. If your child cannot sit, kid prams are best suited for him, where he can lie on his back and watch the surroundings. However, if he can sit, prams get converted into sitting strollers.  Now he can sit and have a proper look at the passers-by and other objects that come in the way. 

Advantages of baby prams for children less than six months
  • Comfortable
  • Protection
  • Provision of carrying bag and pockets
  • Movable handles
  • A child can have a sound sleep
  • The Child gets familiar with the external environment

The growing kids persuade parents to take them out. Children As per the points mentioned above, your kid is contented while interacting with the outside world. The baby prams are equipped with pockets and carry bags, which you can use in keeping hankies, diapers, a water bottle, a rattle, medicine, baby wipes and money and your phone as well.

Through, a movable handle, you can easily keep your baby’s face towards you or the opposite side. Lastly, if your toddler is tired of looking at the moving objects or the natural things, he can have a sound sleep as comfortably as he would have in the bed.

It is true that in raising your toddler, kids stroller cum pram is you a great companion as now you can have a hassle-free outing and shopping, no matter how small your child is.

Newborn twin pram

Best double stroller

Twins! waao! what an amazing gift of nature. Twins mean double the happiness and joy for the whole family and friends. But, more the word twins sound amazing more difficulties are associated when it comes to reality. The difficulty even increases when you have to take your two precious outside the home. The twin strollers or prams make it convenient for the mothers to go outside while keeping the babies safe and comfortable.

Best double stroller

There’s an incredible solution to this intricacy. Why not buy a baby pram designed for twins? The twin pram has the same functions as normal ones. The only difference is the number of carriages, which is for carrying two babies together.

folding baby stroller
Stroller – For sitting purpose only
Here we are talking about a carriage, where your child has a provision for only sitting. Believe me! sitting strollers are a blessing as you don’t have to carry your growing baby in the arms. It is advantageous for more than a year old baby in the following ways.
  • Lightweight
  • Foldable
  • Easy portability
  • Sleek and handy
  • Can be easily kept in the boot space of the car.
  • Can be easily carried in public transports.
  • Equipped with small pockets to keep necessary things

How enjoyable your outing could be if you have to carry your kid in such a fine baby carriage? You don’t even have to drag it with much effort. The walking strollers have a seat belt, which can keep your dear ones safe from the jerks and falling. Neither a child feels tired nor his parents.

Technically, it is easy and comfortable to drag as it is light in weight while your baby gets bigger. Taking babies of this age is dangerous in crowded streets as they tend to run away from their parents. Strollers are the saviours in this situation, which prevent you from being extra alert all the time and keep on running behind the baby. Make sure that you buy a stroller from a good and a reputed brand. 

baby walker, kids walker
Kid having a good time in the walker

Although this is the object of completely different usage, it has great utility. Many children take time to stand on their feet and take even longer to walk. Considering this, walkers are of great help as it supports a child in walking. Not only does it make a child walk, but it also gives a feeling of a roller coaster ride to your baby. He can walk in all directions of the house safely, which ultimately gives satisfaction to mothers regarding child safety. Baby walkers are practical to use by children in the following ways

  • They learn to walk faster
  • Lesser chances of striking the head anywhere
  • Lesser chances of falling down
  • Help children in exploring the home
  • Learn to balance themselves
  • Mothers can leave children unattended at least for some time.

Baby walkers are light, sturdy and a not so expensive product that is of great use to your children in the above-mentioned ways. Since children enjoy sitting in the walker, mothers can make them eat easily.

Prams make life convenient

It is not always advisable for parents to carry a baby in their arms. The fact is that children also get tired of being in arms, which further made them grouchy very soon. However, being in walkers, baby pram or strollers make them feel self-reliant, comfortable and liberated.

The unfetter child can explore the surroundings with more enthusiasm and happiness. Isn’t it a mutual benefit for both mothers and babies? Yes of course! Even parents can have a relaxed outing when their baby is in a good mood. They keep on eating, babbling, chewing and playing in their world sitting inside the pram.

You can make your child’s life quite convenient just by buying a baby pram or a stroller. You can make your child’s life quite convenient just by buying a pram or a stroller. However, you must ensure to fasten the seat belt while taking him on streets or shopping malls.

Convenience for the parents
  • Storage – Mothers have to carry innumerable things for the kids while going outside. The carriages are well-equipped with bags, pockets and boxes to keep objects from a handkerchief to a water bottle. It makes life easy!
  • Fresh and comfortable walk – While giving a stroll to a kid, a working couple gets time and opportunity to talk to each other. It is a pretty nice way to feel relaxed after a day-long busy schedule.
  • Safe supervisionwhen your baby is sitting inside the stroller, it becomes easier for parents to supervise the kid and his activities. They can concentrate on other tasks such as paying bills, buying tickets or snacks from takeaway outlets.
  • The child is not restlessYou can stay outside for long hours with your kid without any hassle. Your infant has a facility to sleep inside the pram for as long as he wants to. 
  • Source of walking – Parents often face problem in going for morning or evening walks. They feel deprived of a walk which is imperative for their well being. By making your baby sit in the pram or stroller, you can have an obstacle-free walk during the morning or in the evening. 
Jogging strollers
A healthy lifestyle with a jogging stroller
  •  Jogging strollers– Nowadays, jogging specific prams are designed to help people continue living a healthy lifestyle.
  • Easy to take children outside the city – The modern-day strollers are so lightweight that it has become easier to carry them anywhere along with the luggage. You can even carry these handy strollers using one hand.
  • It keeps children away from the dirt and unwanted particles lying on the streets. Mothers are anxious about children’s habit of picking up the dirt and useless things lying on the floor.  Thanks to these strollers
  • Baby cannot go anywhere easilyIf your baby is sitting inside the stroller, you are not bound to keep an eye over him. He simply cannot move out of the baby pram or stroller.   
Grandparents’ convenience
Grandmother sitting with the baby

Old people lack the patience, strength and confidence to run behind the kids. They avoid taking kids outside as they think they won’t be able to handle them or might lose control over them. The fear prevents them from taking the grandchildren outside the home, especially when Sun about to sets down.

This problem is severe with the children having working parents. The confinement to home makes children even more cranky, aggressive and stubborn. However, baby prams strollers can help grandparents to a great extent. It is easier for them to handle and supervise the kids easily. Thus, kids prams and strollers are advantageous for the kids in the following ways.

  • Grandparents can walk and sit in the public parks at ease.
  • They can take kids to supermarts.
  • It is easier for them to take kids to social gatherings.
  • When going out is not possible, they can give a stroll to kids on the balcony of the house.
  • They don’t have to be extra attentive for the kid sitting in the pram.
  • By keeping the necessary medicines and water in the pockets of strollers, they make their outing convenient.
  • Strollers contribute a lot in making the personal and social lives of grandparents happy, convenient and stress-free.

Easy outing for mothers

Baby carriage
Mothers taking their kids out conveniently

Many mothers want to get out of the house and be a part of social gatherings, exhibition or shopping events, primarily after post pratum. Their confinement to home immediately after childbirth makes them feel depressed and devastated by the monotonous routine. Raising a child gets difficult when they don’t get a change in the routine. Sometimes, even working mothers become the victims of post pratum depression, which in turn has worse consequences.

They can take their children out in the baby pram and can have a wonderful gettogether with other people. Sharing and getting new experiences regarding child upbringing from other people also make their life easy. What a great idea!

Mothers can even enjoy taking their kids out and can have a great time with each other. Yes! A mommy-baby leisure time. They can have a beautiful time together in public parks or at some recreational zone. Their mutual comfort also creates a loving bond between them.

Many Asian societies ignore the fact that a new mother must be happy, comfortable and pampered if she has to raise a kid in a better way. The family must take care of her interests, choices and mental well-being. Thus, having a comfortable outing with the baby makes her and the whole family contended.

Kid’s personality

Portable baby pram cum stroller
Kid observing the environment

The external environment has a positive impact on a kid’s personality in many ways. They are as follows.  

  • Becomes more independence
  • A good observer
  • A good analyser
  • Develops a social attitude
  • Becomes friendly
  • Confident
  • Gets familiar with the external environment
  • Fresh air has a positive impact on their physical and mental development

Many parents believe that children can feel protected inside the house. It is a myth! Children get aggressive and cranky on being at home for longer. Until weather conditions are unfavourable, children should not be kept away from interacting with the outer world.

After all, we have to make them confident enough to get used to the competitive, complicated and dynamic world that exists outside the four walls they live in. It makes them ready to go to school and become a part of a group of kids.

Baby Prams are thus a very convenient source for the children to go out, especially those who have not yet started to walk. They not only understand the vitality of the external environment, but their immunity gets better with the constant interaction with nature. It is observed that the children going out regularly in the kids’ pram have a better immune system than those who stay inside.

Safety is indispensable

  • 5 point harnessThe most important thing for your baby’s safety is the presence of 5 point harness. Make sure before buying a kids pram that it is equipped with the same. Two over the shoulders, two for fixing around the waist and one present between the two legs.
  • Parking brakes – The Parking brake is one of the best safety features in advanced prams and strollers. Just by putting the lever down, two wheels can be stopped from rolling. It is quite helpful in sloppy areas.
  • Footrest – Footrest in strollers plays an imperative role in preventing injuries to your baby’s leg. By placing his legs on the footrest, he is completely safe from sharp articles and dirt lying on the road. The comfort of the footrest would help in sitting in the baby trolley for longer.
  • Straps should be cleanIt is necessary to maintain hygiene for your teething kid. Make sure that the straps of your kid’s pram are clean and teething specific.
  • Folding mechanism with secured lockFoldable baby prams have a locking mechanism that allows you to open and fold them easily. Make sure that the locking system does not let your pram to get collapsed.
  • Wheel brakes wherever u stopWheel brake is attached to each of the rear wheels. When you put the lever down from your foot, the wheel becomes immovable.
  • Watch for older siblings trying to climbOlder siblings find dragging baby prams a playful activity.  They hardly understand the worse consequences of climbing or moving it, when your little one is inside.  Better be watchful of the notorious activities of older siblings.
  • Do not hang heavy shopping bagsThere are high chances of tripping the pram when you hang heavy shopping bags on the handle. Put your shopping stuff in the bag attached to the kids’ pram underneath.
Baby trolley
Older siblings with a doll pram
  • Keep a watch over your baby while he’s asleepDon’t leave your child unattended when he is sleeping. Since the kids’ pram is partially covered from all sides; he might get suffocated on rolling over. Avoid putting too many pillows or other soft things to avoid suffocation.


Considering the above, baby prams and strollers are the most required articles for your toddlers. These lightweight baby carriages make your life more convenient and relaxing. Thus, baby prams and strollers are advantageous for the kids as they can easily go out and get familiar with the external environment and beauty of nature.

Parents can take their children out and have a safe, relaxing, enjoyable and happy outing as it prevents your kids from getting cranky and tired. They sit comfortably in the baby pram and watch passers-by, greenery and vehicles around.

Outing enhances your child’s mental and physical growth considerably. Consequently, their ability to learn, observe and grasp things increases, which benefits them in the later years of life. Baby pram, twin stroller, baby jogging strollers or baby walkers, whatever you choose to buy, make your life easy and your baby’s life joyful.

Parents and grandparents can easily take their kids out to a social gathering, public parks or supermarts. Now, they don’t have to carry their children in arms. However, the safety of a kid sitting in the pram should be a primary concern for the parents. 


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