Toys and fun – New trend of buying toys for kids online in 2020

Why do parents buy toys for kids online?

 Is buying toys for kids online is a wise thing to do in the lockdown? Undoubtedly, making children busy while keeping them inside is the toughest thing in this challenging scenario. Since children are bored at home with a lack of activities, often a question comes to your mind that ‘how can I develop observing and analytical ability in my kid? This thought usually points towards purchasing good quality toys for the kids online depending on their age. If he is newly born, you bring him rattles and if he is a bit grown up then various other toys like light and sound, soft toys, bat & ball etc acquire a large corner of your house.


A variety of toys for kids online
Availability of a variety of toys online for kids of every age

However, the new world demands more smartness, promptness and witty attitude in your kid. His mental development requires a more refined and advanced form of plaything.

Toddlers less than a year age are attracted to bottle lids, steel bowls, wooden coasters, spoon etc. It is not a new thing; every single child on earth likes to play with these particular things.

So, it is now necessary to buy toys for kids online, with better designs, colour, technique, grip, weight and of course the quality, which they find as interesting as utensils.

Thus, nowadays parents prefer to buy toys for their toddlers online as there are a variety of toys of different brands, colour and pattern available.

The biggest problem that young parents face these days is that even toddlers want to remain stick to television and smartphone screens.  Parents nowadays are struggling hard to keep children away from smartphones.

Unfortunately, working parents are in the greatest dilemma as to how to keep their children engaged in mobile-less activities while they are at work.

Covid 19 has made it worse

This picture has even got worse with the arrival of COVID 19. Children have very few options of entertainment, which ultimately lead them to pick mobiles even after strict restrictions of the parents.

One of the very recent Times of India report throws light on the fact that toys not only enhances emotional connection and cognitive skills in children, but they also keep them away from mobile screens. Thus, it is better to buy good quality toys for kids online, which would not only keep them away from screens but also help in developing cognitive skills. 

Research shows that children who stay away from mobiles and T.V screens are more sensible and less aggressive in comparison to those who are addicted to these devices.   

However, how a child’s personality would turn out, depends primarily on the kind of toys that parents bring to him or her.

What kind of toys for kids should parents buy online?

  • Good quality
  • Non-fragile and light
  • No sharp edges
  • Vibrant colours
  • Most important – material should be non-toxic
  • Engaging
  • Should not have loud and shrilling sounds   
  • Should have warnings embedded on the toy –

a. How to wash

b. Inflammable or not

c. Heat resistant or not

Need of toys for Mothers

It is imperative to note that god has not only created a mother. He has created a wonderful creature that is accountable for taking care of Kids, house, parents, nutrition, and profession and last but not least a social life. Among these innumerable tasks, keeping a child engaged in other entertaining activities becomes quite necessary.

Thus, mothers consider bringing toys for kids online as an alternative to keep them busy while carrying her professional and household activities.  What makes a child different from an adult is his tendency to attract constant attention, especially from mothers. In the current situation, she cannot even take her kids out in some public park or down to the society gardens. So, what is the solution to the problem? Toys!

Playful activities can be indoor or outdoor. The fact is that every child on this planet needs them. Whenever family members cannot pay attention to the kids or toddlers, it is their prime duty to get something to the children. They should get something that can stop them from being a cranky, attention seeker, irritated and bored.

However, children need constant changes and dynamism in their toys. So, choose the one that is compatible with your child’s attitude, behaviour, age and liking.

 Catch-22 for working mothers and homemakers

With every mother, a to-do list goes on every minute and every second. She has to carry on the various activities that are related to the house, children and work. In that fixed schedule, if a kid cries and wants her close to him, it gets difficult for her to complete that list on time, thereby making things get delayed.

The activities pass on for the next day, letting the vicious circle goes on again. In this situation, the mother or both the parent seek help from toy things, especially if a child does not go to school or kindergarten.

Many parents get toys for the kids online, which a child finds difficult to play with or handle. When, he doesn’t get a grasp on the functioning of the toy, he loose interest in the same very soon. 

So, it is essential to understand the psychology of your child, his interests, abilities, likes and dislikes regarding the toys. It could then help to keep him engaged and keep away from the screens. 

The problem begins when the irritation of a child makes a mother more irritated, which leads her to scold or sometimes hit him. This kind of situation only makes the condition worse and uncontrolled. Human beings are habitual of remaining engaged in various commotions no matter they are little humans or adult ones.

Buying toys for kids online is advantageous in the above respect. You have numerous varieties of toys available online with the brand, description and functions mentioned along. How parents are keeping their children busy is a vital part of good parenting.

What a child learns and understands in his early childhood, remains with him throughout life. Skills, intelligence, observation, academic abilities and vigour are directly allied to the kind of toys that a child plays.

Mothers usually face these problems with a growing child. They are as follows

  • Improper eating and mealtime
  • Lesser involvement in outdoor activities
  • Inappropriate sleeping time
  • Excessive addiction to mobile screens

These problems are associated with working mothers as well as homemakers. 

Experts say that parents can easily divert their children from getting deeper into the ditch of this problem. Playthings like building blocks, bicycles, dice games, play tent house etc. can get children engaged for longer and help in reducing the screen time. 

According to research by one of the UK’s primary educational institution, reading bedtime stories to the children make their personality better.


A toddler sitting between variety of toys purchased online
A child surrounded by the toys of his interest

Reading bedtime stories to the children is advantageous in the following way

  • Sharpens the brain – Good exercise for the brain
  • Improves concentration
  • Enhances imaginations
  • They learn about places, people and objects in their imaginative way
  • Develops compassion 
  • Improves academic ability

Kids toys online – Type and Quality of toys for different age groups

0-3 Months

It is the time when your toddler is new to the world and your family. All they do is sleep, cry, feed, poop and make funny faces on hearing light and catchy sounds. Besides this, they are only able to react to smiling and angry faces by their super cute expressions. However, they get bored and start crying if they don’t get attention for longer.


Colourful Rattles for toddlers - The best toys for kids online
Rattles – A perfect toy for toddlers due to catchy colours and sounds

Your baby is too young to understand the uniqueness and functioning of a toy. This little bundle of joy will surely enjoy playing and listening to the sound of rattles.

Kick and Play toys for kids online

Kick and play game for toddlers - Easily available toy for kids online
A baby enjoying kick and play game – Best for the toddler less than 4 months

 Your sweetheart will find this toy quite interesting. All he has to do is to lie down on his back and keep on kicking the perpendicularly placed piano keys, which plays a beautiful sweet sound.  

Hanging Rattles

These kids don’t have many activities to do except to lie down on the bed. It rarely happens that Infants from 0-3 months rolls over from back to belly or vice versa. So, hang these rattles over some convenient place on your bed which will make your toddler smile and stare at these clattering, jangling and hanging rattles.

3-6 months

 The next developmental stage of the baby is when he tries to understand the world and parents get to know more about their child’s preferences, likings, and habits and routine. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that both the baby and parents fall in love with each other. 

He gets a grip and tries to hold things, thus showing his curiosity towards the object. Another crucial development is that most of the toddlers roll over from tummy to back. This stage of cognitive development is to increase his grasping and reaction time.


 Aah! The intricate stage for every toddler and the mother too. Mothers need to be more attentive now. Even if the growling of teeth doesn’t start, the itching and at least swelling of gums begin. What could be better than a good quality teether for your toddler? It would at least keep him busy chewing and creating a lesser problem for you.

Light and sound

Light and sound synchronization in the toys fascinates kids of this age group very much. When cars, birds, dolls or animal toys dance on the tune, it aggravates curiosity, surveillance and hunger for learning in kids. 

Chu chu rattles

Sometimes, people find these toys insignificant, useless and irritating due to the chu-chu sound. However, these toys have another advantage. When your child presses it for making a sound, he learns to grab and gains strength in his fingers and palm.

6-12 Months

The baby in this stage steps on to the new pathway of growth and development. His understanding and observation take new heights every day and faces new challenges. Now the parents need to get more attentive and keep an eye on each of his activities and movement. The babies start sitting for a limited period with the support of their arms and hands. 

Musical drum

It feels great to see those teeny tiny fingers, toes & arms and legs growing every day. Isn’t it? Now your toddler has gained enough strength to bang on your table, chair or even floor. So, why not get him a musical or simple drum, which he can play and develop his liking for music.

Stacking rings toy

Constructive activities are always advantageous for your little ones. This develops a sense of balancing things in their surroundings and become more organised. Additionally, this increases head-hand coordination in children and widens sagacity for construction instead of destruction.  It also reduces aggression in children.


Swing for little toddler
A beautifully designed swing for a toddler with a seat belt

Small swings tied on a house ceiling or pelmet makes your child happy. Since every child needs changes or wants to go out and play, swings are the better substitute, if parents cannot take their children out any day.

12 – 18 months – Time to stand on his feet

New progress! Your toddler has finally stood up. Once they stand on their feet, they tend to explore more and more things in their surroundings.

To name some of the activities, throwing and kicking a ball, dragging a small chair or table, running across the corners of the house can be easily observed in the children of this age group. 

Climbing stairs and low height chairs become their favourite hobby. Above all, these growing children show more moodiness and frequent changes in behaviour.

Bat & Ball

Playing with a bat & ball is very common and the most attention-grabbing activity for baby boys. Kicking, throwing and dropping become one of the favourite activities of a child between 12 – 18 months.

Building blocks

Make children more organised, calm and strategic regarding their regular activities same as stacking rings toy.

Baby pool

Most of the babies enjoy bathing and playing in the tub full of water. These artificial pools are perfect for children to play in.

Picture books

The best of all is picture books. Yes! Nothing can replace the joy of reading or making somebody read a story for you. Get your kids a pile of books having striking pictures and short stories. It would let him live in the fantasy world, thereby leading him to create his imaginative world. 

It is the stage when your child needs a different category of toys. He or she is grown up and have a lesser interest in rattles or instrumental toys. He needs something which could help in enhancing his constructive abilities. You can choose several toys for your kids online. 

18- 24 Months

This is the time when your kid starts expressing and at the same time understanding the other person’s expression.  He gradually begins to show tantrums for the things that he dislikes or doesn’t want near.

Yes! A new challenge for the parents again! Anger, happiness, disobedience, love, frustration, guilt, shame, possessiveness become a part of a child’s usual behaviour. It is the time when parents can mould children to adopt good habits.

Hit me

Hit me - The best toys for toddler online
Hit me – The best toys for toddlers between 2 – 4 years

Poor hit me! Your child can keep hitting this guy and pour out his extra energy. It is a good exercise for both hands and legs.  

Soft toy seats

Children are crazy about standing, jumping and sitting on soft seats. The combination of softness, comfort and looks make your kid cheerful. 

Simple puzzles

A child of 18-24 months can understand and play with simple puzzles or ABCD blocks. Engaging your child in these productive activities develops his attitude towards brainstorming.

Vehicle toy for kids online

Toy car for kids
Toy car for kids

Driving his vehicle is the dream of every second individual on this planet. So, how can children be deprived of this fun experience? Get them a small tricycle or car. Remember; do not leave your child unattended while he is sitting on the toy vehicle.

Remote toys

Now your toddler is a grown-up and is all set to observe the magic of technology. Introduce him to the amazing world of techniques. Bring remote or battery-driven toys to make him familiar with the things that he’ll encounter in future life. There are many cool toys for both boys and girls available on kid’s specific websites. You can choose and buy any of these to make your baby’s life more fascinating.

Toys and function 

Children are god’s beautiful creativity who are capable of stealing the heart of any person who sees their candid and innocent activities. But, they are raw creativity of the Almighty, whom we have to mould and give a shape. 

It is advisable not to let them peep into the mobile screens for longer.  Involve them in playful activities(indoor or outdoor) to enhance their growth and development.

Since indoor and outdoor activities help them in acquiring abilities to live, sustain and attain growth, So, what is better than buying vibrant toys for kids online, to begin?

They improve child’s

  •  Creativity
  • Motor skill
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Imaginations

Besides this, toys like dolls, teddy bears and soft toys give a sweet companionship to your kid, when they need someone to listen and be with them. 

Parents say

Parents having funtime with kids - Activities for kids in lockdown
Parents having Funtime with kids

According to a TOI report, parents agreed that many times, it is difficult for them to spend time with the children after a day-long meeting and work in the office.

The worst consequence of this situation is that they pour out their anger, frustration and irritation due to tiredness on children, which fills in them excessive guilt after shouting at them.

They sadly agree that the situation makes them do so.  Toys for toddlers online have made it easier for parents to choose the best toys from the innumerable options available.

‘You have a lifetime to work, but children are young only once.’

Mom and kid playing - Activities for kids in lockdown
Mom and kid playing with colourful balls in the lockdown

Although nothing can replace parents’ love, good engaging toys can be a temporary solution to the problem. The only thing that parents need to consider is that the toys should be

  • Engaging,
  • Less complicated
  • Relevant and compatible with the age group.

Parents or grandparents can themselves play with the children using these toys. I am sure that they will enjoy reliving their childhood.

Another report by the child development institute throws light on the fact that children crave their parent’s time. They want them to play with them and expects to enjoy the winning-losing activities as much as the child does.

So pretend to be silly and inexperienced in the game and encourage them to play with more enthusiasm. In addition to this, participate well in strategies designed by them but don’t let them cheat or cry after losing the game.

Be it an indoor or outdoor game, parents can inculcate sportsman spirit in their children. They are the first teachers, whether it is sports or academics. They must get involved in building blocks, reading books, playing cricket, sitting on the swings, playing with soft toys and most importantly cheer them up while playing.

Thus, buying toys for kids online creates ease for mothers to choose the best out of many toys available for the kid as per the age group.




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