Buying Kids wear online – A rapidly growing trend in 2020

Kids wear online – A synonym of convenience for mothers

Be it buying electronics, kitchenware or kids wear online, e-commerce sites, messaging platforms like WhatsApp and social media has made lives easy. Online shopping is a term that has become an essential part of the modern-day lifestyle.

You only have to name the product, and it will appear on your screens within a blink of an eye. It might sound like magic if someone would have heard it 20 years back. However, now it is the reality of the modern era where we are living.

A girl looking trendy in a stylish outfit and shades brought online

As we can observe, online shopping has not benefited big or small entrepreneurs only, but the process of buying has also become trouble-free for customers at the same time. Out of the entire buying population, mothers and kids have received the best advantage of this facility.

The reason behind adopting online shopping mode is

  • The ease of purchasing.
  • Availability of a variety of dresses
  • Colour choice
  • Details mentioned about the fabric
  • Size of the outfit
  • Availability of return or exchange policy

A question arises, is it essential to check on the clothes that a child is wearing? Of course yes! The twenty-first-century generation has to be smart, witty, attentive and confidant while sitting among other children at school or parties. In short, the outfit of a kid plays an imperative role in making a child feel self-assured.

Why do u have to be cautious in choosing clothes for kids?

Kids wear online - Outfits for all age groups available at online stores

Do you remember the first day of your new class at school? You must have often heard from your parents then,” Do wear clean clothes as the first impression is the last.”  Because for generations, personality development initiates from clothing and the way you carry the clothes. Thus, refining of the personality has to begin from childhood so that dressing up with perfection becomes a regular practice for a kid.

A proper dress up makes a child confident and trendy.  His inner conscious speaks, ‘Yes, I am ready to be a part of this group.’ The world has become way too advanced, more competitive and interactive for children. Now academic is not the only niche where a child has to focus.

So, to become a part of the non-academic activity, social gatherings and various other events, dressing up gracefully is a must for kids of the modern era. Parents also feel good and satisfied while seeing their little ones dressed up perfectly. Thus, by buying the best outfit for your kid, you can make your child look presentable in a gathering.

Common human psychology – Appearance matters 

Common human psychology says that a person dressed up nicely attracts the attention of the crowd. The same applies to little humans too. Smart looking kids seek the attention of friends, relatives and teachers quickly.

A dress brought from online store - A cute girl standing in a beautiful black coloured dress

However, the outfit you choose should not only look good, but it should be comfortable too. It is more applicable for your newly born baby. To make a new baby look good is not important; what is essential is to make him feel comfortable.

Lying on the bed and keep on babbling is definitely not an easy task. So, to make it easy, make your little sweetheart wear clothes made of soft fabric as per the weather conditions.

Why online?

So, when you can fulfil your child’s clothing needs through online mode, why would you have to go out and look around for a perfect fabric, quality, range, colour and size? All you need is to open an online platform and click on your perfect product.

kids wear online - Children sitting in the farm wearing trendy outfit and hat

Also, choices do vary from person to person regarding clothing and accessories. Some mothers are brand conscious, while others prefer less expensive local brands. To name some Gini & Jony, Lilliput, Little Kangaroos, Cartoon Network, Cucumber, Skip Shop, Chicco, Gauri and Nainika etc. are the preferred brands for kids.

For many parents, colour and fabric are the priority while for others fashion and style come first. The online shopping mode is one effortless solution to all the preferences and desires of parents.

Online platforms have almost ended the chaos and hustle of exchanging and returning the products. People usually face size and quality-related issues most of the time in clothing, especially when they buy clothes for growing kids.

Thus, it has given leverage to homemakers and working mothers to make their children geared up for any occasion.

Kids wear online – Name it and you have it

Every parent wants their child to look good and lively to attract the attention of the crowd. But, they have a set budget to spend on clothes. Not everyone can afford to buy expensive clothes for children.

So, to buy a suitable outfit for their kids within a set budget, online shopping plays a significant role.  Whether you are a proud mom of a girl or a boy, there are ample varieties for both on e-commerce sites.

For girls
Casual wear

Kids wear online -A girl posing in white collared top and jeans

When at home, girls need comfort and liberty regarding their outfits. It enables them to jump around and feel free to fly like a bird all around. Girly t-shirts paired up with capris or shorts look pleasant on little birds.

You can also buy cotton skirts and tops for them to feel free at home.


Buy kids wear online - girl lying on bed with little baby brother in soft nightwear

In Asian countries like India, people experience extremity in temperature. They have to make their homes compatible with weather conditions.

So, they have air conditions on summer nights and heavy worm blankets in winters. But one thing that is common in both conditions is the need for full body clothes for kids while sleeping.


Traditional girlswear online - A girl posing in a beautriful partywear outfit

You have a variety of beautiful clothes for girls online for the party. From simple middy to frilled evening gowns, everything is available online for your princess.

All you have to do is make your mind for purchase, set a budget and buy what suits best to your little girl.

Picnic clothes

A cute child enjoying in the garden

It is a place where your girl has to be comfortable while keeping her style statement high. Jeans or shorts paired up with cool and light coloured tops make your princess look perfect.

You can find numerous colours and range regarding this pattern of clothes online.

For Boys

Oh yes! Durability in the fabric is your prime requirement as your little boy likes to kick, roll and play in the mud.  Indeed, you cannot change these little beings for whom playing is as essential as breathing.

However, you can make their surroundings favourable by buying a trendy yet durable outfit for them.

Casual wear

Boy playing in the mud - perfect dress bought online for a little guy.

T-shirts and trousers or track pants paired up with sports shoes make a boy look well-dressed. Now, if you have to look for more options like jeans or shorts, click and shop is a wise decision.


Little baby sleeping in comfortable romper

Full sleeves shirt and cotton pyjamas have remained the comforting mantra for little guys for years. Besides this, you have numerous choices of night-suits of different ranges.

Rompers are a good choice if your little sweetheart is too little as shown in the picture.

Picnic clothes

Make your little guy look handsome by making him wear matt t-shirts matching up with comfy trousers or pants. A stylish watch and shoes along with the outfit will add a feather to a cap.


a newborn sleeping in a romper made of baby soft fabric

For buying clothes for this little one, who has just entered the world, you have to be very conscious.  It is necessary to buy clothes from a reputed e-commerce website, where returns and exchanges are guaranteed.

Read about customer experience and reviews about the product before making the final payment. The fabric should be soft and compatible with the skin of your infant.

For summers – pure cotton fabric

For winters- Soft fleece top and bottom-wear or knitted woollen sweaters

Unique dresses

Many times, children need to wear clothes different from regular clothing. Childhood is all about participating in cultural events, fancy dress competitions, kids fashion shows etc.

It might be the baptism ceremony of your toddler. Then, why not pick the best for your kid just by clicking the buy now button on your screen.

Fairy dress for little girls easaily available at online stores

To name a few unique outfits are as follows

–         A Santa Claus dress

–         Traditional dhoti kurta for the occasions like Janmashtami

–         Monster dress for Halloween

–         A dress for Garba

–         White dresses for patriotic celebrations at school

–         Fairy dress for your little fairy

In the era of e-commerce, you don’t have to roam around in search of these kinds of outfits for your kid’s special event.

Amazon India told TOI that kids wear contribute to 35% of the overall sales generated through clothing. Children have become conscious regarding their style statement, especially girls.

Kids of the modern age are smarter and gadget-friendly. So, they buy clothes of their choice by themselves and carry themselves gracefully. Besides them, parents of age group 30-40 years are the main customers.

A renowned e-commerce site Flipkart says that the sales generated from the kids’ segment are increasing every year. As compared to other segments, kids apparel has shown tremendous growth as compared to last year (as per the report of 2018)

What qualities should be taken care of while buying kids wear online? 


You don’t have to think much about the fabric of the clothes you buy online. Because once you click on the product, you can see the material of the cloth is mentioned clearly.  Soft fabric like cotton is the best for the babies as harsh or mixed fabric would lead to a rash on your toddler’s skin. So, buy the dress only after you get sure about the material.

Least or no decorative objects on baby clothes

Plastic buttons, butterflies or thick fabric paint might be harmful or cause discomfort to the kid. Therefore, it is necessary to look for a clean and light-printed outfit that could make your kid play freely without feeling irritated.  


In Asian countries like India, people experience weather extremes. Summers are dying hot while winters are bone freezing in many parts of the country. So, choose the fabric that helps your child tolerate the harsh extremes of weather.


Children catch growth very soon, especially children of 1 to 12 years of age. There is no point in buying expensive clothes for children until they attain maximum growth. Online shopping for kids offers an unlimited range of clothes. Subsequently, you can choose the best out of all, by spending an optimum amount of money.

Not too fit not too lose

Your child will look like clothes on a hanger by making him wear loose clothes. Also, tight clothes would make him feel annoyed and cranky. The E-commerce site does mention the size of the outfit which provides you ease to pick the best-suited size for your kid.

No point in wasting money

Think twice before buying, for which occasion are you buying clothes for your kid. Is it worth it? Is he going to wear this stuff? Will he or she look overdressed? It is necessary to think twice before buying kids wear online as children grow faster and it might not fit her on the next occasion or next year.

Prefer buying kid like clothes

kids wear online - Smart looking kids riding bicycle wearing helmet

A child should be raised like a child and not like an adult. Make him or her wear clothes that go well with the innocent childhood. Pretty frilled middies, funky tops, baby print towels and barbie clips for girls make your girl looks like a little fairy. soft cartoon printed t-shirts, pastel-coloured knicker, trousers and the funky jacket looks good on your little boy.

Let them choose

Gone are the days when children wore anything suggested by parents. They now have their thought process and own way of carrying themselves. Thus, through online shopping mode children develop a sense of independence and capability of making their decisions.

From a very early age, they learn what looks good on them and what doesn’t suit their personality. They also develop a sense of color combinations along with accessories that would go with their outfit. The most important thing is that a child must feel comfortable in what he or she is wearing.

It is the comfort that will make him feel self-assured regarding their conduct. On the other hand, shabbily dressed up children hesitates in opening up in the group of children of their age group.

However, you must make them aware of the most imperative crux of life that beauty lies in simplicity. Make them realize that they should choose an outfit that defines simplicity yet expresses the elegance in them. Their childish innocence must not vanish in maintaining the styles.

Whatever they choose should go with their age. Looking too mature or too funky puts a negative impact on personality and their impression on others. Although, every human on this earth is free to choose the outfit they like the most. However, they must develop a sense of dressing up as per the occasion or the surroundings.

How to maintain

Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate. — Anonymous

Every outfit is available online - A girl pretending to be a teacher in a white top and grey skirt.


A smile appears on your face when you see your child imitating somebody. How cute it looks when your kiddo copies somebody else’ style. So if we talk about outfits, they do copy styles to how others wear clothes, shoes or other accessories.

She might get inspired by a film star, a politician, or she may be your neighbour. Make your children have good role models so that they become role models for others in future.

A good inspiration puts a positive impact on their overall personality. Thus, make your children realise, how the x person was looking at the party and how everybody got pleased to meet her.

It will make your kid give a thought for a moment, yes! Her style was something that I can own.

Besides the above, how your children maintain their wardrobe, contributes to their personality. Children above eight years of age must learn to

–         Take their clothes out without pulling the other lying on the shelf.

–         They must learn to fold their clothes once they are back from the laundry.

–         If worn clothes are not dirty, children must learn to fold them back.


To sum up, buying kids wear online has made lives so much better for the parents, especially those who hang between personal and professional lives.

With a click, they can make their girl look like a princess and boy a prince. Indeed, it sounds like using a magic wand to turn your little one into a smart-looking being.

The best thing about buying kids wear online is that you have complete liberty to return or exchange the purchased product within a mentioned number of days.

Children have their imaginations, way of thinking and opinion about their looks. Not only children themselves, but parents also want their child to look good and self-assured regarding their outfit.

So, what is better than choosing the best out of various stylish kids wear online, when you can buy it sitting at home.

The flexible return and exchange policies have made the trend of online shopping for kids more popular among young parents and children themselves.

Be picky with your friends, clothes and time – Anonymous

The above quote reflects that fashion has an impact on the mindset of the modern generation. People consider dressing as an essential part of their personality.

Thus, they have got the ease of making their child look presentable, fashionable and confident among the group of kids.  Thanks to the online shopping facility.


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