Activities for kids indoors – A necessity in the current scenario

Children enjoying painting - Fun activities for kids indoors

‘What to do now? ‘is a problem statement for children and parents these days. Parents are in a dilemma as to what activities for kids indoors can keep them busy? I am in the same panic mode as my two-year-old is facing the same irritation due to house arrest. Indeed, the pandemic has abruptly disturbed the routine and coordination among the family members.

Consequently, I can guarantee that this monotony has affected the children the most, the extent of which is beyond what we can imagine. The little blossoms are supposed to play, run in the scorching sun, and get exhausted with outdoor hobbies and go to sleep.

A child watching passers-by with a hope to go outside.

However, exactly the opposite is happening with their lives, which I can describe in one word as ‘unexciting’. A kid’s world without fun, adventures and excitement was hard to imagine two years back.

However, this unimaginable state has become the sad reality of the present-day pandemic affected world. The bitter truth is that we have to live like this for another two years till the situation gets better.

No matter how much Covid has affected our lives, we cannot stop children from enjoying their childhood days. So the only option we have is to make them happy at home as much as we can.  It is thus necessary to find some interesting activities for kids indoors to minimise their irritation.

Problems sitting at home

  • Find studies boring – 

    Sitting in front of laptops and tablets can be fun for a specific period. However, this high-tech way of education cannot substitute the worth of actual classroom teaching. When the process gets boring, small children run away or avoid getting up early to take the classes.

  • Obesity 

    most of the children keep on calling moms or grandmoms for new things to eat now and then, most of which are junk. This gradually increases obesity in children as there are no physical activities.Kid engrossed in playing games on mobile phone

  • Addiction to gadgets

    staying at home means sticking to gadgets for a major part of the day. It happens mostly when both the parents are working and couldn’t pay attention to the children. The prolonged ‘stay at home situation’ has already made children gadget slaves.

Consequently, they prefer peeping into mobile screens rather than playing ludo or snake ladder kinds of games. It gradually affects their eyes, health, mental ability and social attitude towards family members.

A kid sitting and thinking about some mischief


  • Irritation of quarantine 

    Increased level of anger and aggression is commonly seen in children of two to five years of age in the current scenario. If I talk about my son, he does everything to go out of the main gate. If we restrict him from going out, he shouts as loudly as he can.

  • Lack of social activities 

    These children prefer sitting alone with smartphones or tabs even when they are among family members or guests. Sometimes this level of addiction turns into insensitivity in children as they are least affected by any mishappening around them.

A boy getting irritated of house arrest

While children are inside the house, the above limitations cannot be overcome all of a sudden. However, they can be minimised to a certain extent if parents pay attention to the kids and their activities frequently. Thus, it is necessary to search for some activities for kids indoors. Children would not get involved with gadgets if parents spend a few hours a day playing with them and listening to their innocent talks.

Take it positively rather than getting irritated 

Undoubtedly, it is a tough time for both parents and children, especially when both are working ones. Yet, it is imperative to pave the way to peaceful life and bonding with each other in the family. It is the time to develop a mutual understanding and create some happy moments by engaging in the activities for kids indoors.

A mommy playing with a baby girl and her doll

Time to get bonded ( for working parents too)

Both parents and children are experiencing an upset schedule right from the day they have started living inside the doors.

The routine, inadequate sources of entertainment, limited area to walk around and social distancing from outsiders have badly affected human behaviour.

So, why let this home arrest make the conditions worse? A small change in our approach can bring joy to our daily lives.

Take out some time from your busy ‘work from home’ schedule instead of spending leisure time on phones and tablets. Several activities can keep children engaged for longer.

How to engage them? – Creative activities for kids at home

When you are busy with work, children have no one else to play with. It usually leads them to pick mobiles and tablets. Bring them something that can engage them for longer without affecting their physical well-being.

A kid involved in coloring - An activity for kids indoors

  • Art & craft

Once children find craftwork interesting, they would love to do it again and again. To start with, you can get them a clay pot and ask them to colour it or stick colourful objects to it.

You can teach them to make paper-folding objects like birthday cards, aeroplanes, small posters or tiny boats etc. children between eight to fourteen years of age can enjoy ceramic or paper mash work. It can surely keep them engaged for a few hours.

A child Trying hands on Piano. one of the Stay at home activities for kids indoors

  • Music and dance 

If your child finds joy in dance or music, bring them instruments that they like. Dancing is good for fitness and makes your child happy. It brings cheerfulness and throws out aggression from children. In addition to this, playing music calms your child and brings positive vibes to the house.

A boy playing with toys

  • Toys

Dolls and dollhouses for girls and toy cars for boys are good engaging things to keep your kids busy. In other words, get your children those toys, books or materials that they find most interesting to play with.

 Children with parents – Now is the time to share your time with them

“Your children need your presence more than your presents.”- Jesse Jackson

I am a ‘work from home’ mom too. Out of twenty-four limited hours, like all other moms, I have to divide my day between cooking, cleaning, social engagement (through phone) and take a sound sleep. But, what about my duty as a companion to my kid?

Of course, a child expects parents to be with him at least for some time. He needs someone to listen to him, to play with or share his/her toys with. I realised that parents should be a little soft when destiny is hard on them (as per the current scenario). I thought to make a list of fun games to play at home. If not during weekdays, try to take maximum time to be a part of their innocent world.

 A stay at home activity for kids indoors - Reading story books

  • Read story

reading bedtime stories is essential for a child’s logical thinking. Stories enhance their thinking, rationality and imagination. Thus, parents must spend time reading stories for kids. It is a perfect way to enhance parent-children bonding and closeness. As it is said, books are the best friends, make your child friends with various storybooks while staying at home.

  • Treasure hunt

Write a riddle or hint on a piece of paper about a hidden object and let your child search for that with the help of a riddle. When your kid finds that object, let him search for another treasure with the help of another riddle place on that object. This circle goes on for as long as you want. This will keep your kids engaged for hours.

A little girl playing hide and seek at home - Fun activity for kids

  • Hide n seek

Children have been enjoying this fun activity for generations. So, have a fulfilled time with your kid hiding behind the doors, stores, curtains and under the tables. The only thing that you need to take care of is that children don’t get hidden in the suffocating areas or the closets which they cannot open. Play safely.

Playing GK games enhances kids' knowledge

  • Gk games

Buy knowledge games for children that help in enhancing their general knowledge. Try to spend time with children asking questions and being asked by them. What can be better than sharing knowledge? There is no age for gaining knowledge and this activity provides mutual benefits.

  • Carrom

An interesting activity to play in a leisure time

 Oh yeah! Playing carrom is a weekend fun activity or whenever you want to have a gala time with your family. When you need a dose of laughter, fun and competition, get your carrom boards out and shoot your striker to make yourself feel refreshed again.

  • Clay games

children can spend hours playing and making things out of colourful clays. So, make their leisure time joyful with a box of clays. Let them build their imaginations and make bring them clay things like birds, animals, flowers etc.

Develop hobbies – Stay at home kid activities

  • Light cooking

A boy enjoying cooking

This is a little tricky but surely going to help your kid in the long run. Kids between nine to twelve years of age can learn light cooking from moms. Some of the easy dishes can be


– Spreading jam, butter or cheese on the bread

– Warming milk in the microwave and make a chocolate drink for them

– Use sandwich toasters for baking bread

– Make milk and chocos if they feel hungry

– Microwave cooked food before eating if it gets cold

If your children are a bit grown up, you can teach them to make some easy dishes on a gas flame, but make sure that you stay there while the cooking is going on.


  • Dance

Encourage them to dance to their favourite tunes and burst their anger and frustration out. Your child would love this activity. I do the same for my kid and, he enjoys dancing.


  • Yoga or exercise 

Parents must encourage children to spend some time on exercise or light yoga techniques. You can be a companion to your kid in the same activity.


  • Read comics

You can get good comics for children. Once they enjoy reading comics, they will ask for more of them. They can be superhero comics, fantasy, action, science fiction or mythological, whichever your kid likes the most.

Some random activities to keep children busy 

There’s nothing in the world that can replace the desire to be with the family. The only appreciable thing in the current scenario is the ‘togetherness. It is the most appropriate time when parents can strengthen their bonding with children and vice-versa. Spend your leisure time with your kids doing these activities. These fun activities to do at home are going to earn you a treasure of beautiful memories for a lifetime.

  • Gossiping with kids

talking to children and listening to them carefully ensures warmth, love and affection. Children always want someone to talk to. So, who else could be the better companions than the parents in the tough time?

 “Love is giving your kids your undivided attention and time.”- Kevin Heath

  • Pillow fight

what’s the harm in being a kid with a kid? Indeed it is an activity that we enjoyed in our childhood, and your kids would love it when you become a part of it.

  • Decorate t-shirt

If your kids are ten to twelve years of age, give them a set of poster or fabric colours and an old t-shirt or a piece of cloth. Now sit back and relax as your little Picassos have work for pretty sufficient hours.

Letters or e-mail to family and friends

In the world of social media channels and messengers, you hardly think about writing letters or e-mail to your family. However, it can be a good activity for your kids.

– Firstly, It would help in enhancing their vocabulary

– Secondly, they will learn to write letters in the correct format

– Thirdly, it will bring a lovely smile to the receiver’s face.

Bringing our old values into the light can brighten our kids’ emotional quotient.

  • Household chore

You can encourage children to help in light household chores. These are the activities for kids indoors that would enable them to share responsibilities with parents.  Dusting furniture, arranging utensils in the rack or on the dining table, serving food, cleaning the table after meals or folding clothes.

Ask them to these activities without putting on the compulsion. Excessive compulsion would make them reluctant of doing work.

  What does Research say about activities for kids indoors?

According to a Times of India report, restrictions on going out and no playtime with friends have badly affected children’s mental health. Despite letting children meet closed peer groups and family members, children depicted signs of mental illness through their behaviour.

As per the report, children less than three years showed aggressive behaviour while above three years of age showed even more psychological difficulties. The study indicated that out of 22,996 children, 22.5% developed a fear of losing their loved ones due to this dreadful disease.

According to the recent study, 34.5%, 41.7%, 42.3% and 30.8% of children are the victims of anxiety, depression, irritability and inattention respectively.

Human beings are supposed to go out and meet people to remain happy and satisfied. However, the fear of being trapped by the dreadful disease has affected their mental and social development noticeably.

Despite this situation, we have no other choice than to keep our children kind of house arrest until and unless some positive changes appear regarding the covid outbreak. I feel that we must devote some time to play with children and make their lives somewhat better.

Fun activities for kids at home – A Joy of a lifetime

For many people, it might be monotonous to sit at home, while for many, it is an advantage. In the last 15 months, people across the world has gone through various ups and downs. People have faced financial constraints, social disconnect and mental stress due to isolation. Many unlucky ones lost their dear ones due to this dreadful disease. However, the ultimate sufferers are the children who had to leave their outdoor hobbies, school fun, friends and playing on the grounds.

This situation is devastating when it comes to children and their fun activities. So, we as a parent must contribute to saving their childhood as much as we can. Since the stay at a home situation is making children aggressive and restricting their mental and physical growth, some immediate measures are necessary. In short, we need to find some constructive activities for kids indoors.

Even if both the parents are working, children need their attention, love and affection to some extent. It is said that childhood never comes back but can be relived with children. So, go with the flow as I always say, be a kid with a kid for mutual benefits. If I talk about mutual benefits, then grandparents play a crucial role in this context. Make your child spend time with older people.

They will gradually teach them moral values, obedience and affection towards others. Who can love them better than grandparents? Isn’t it. Spending time with kids and encouraging them to indulge in a hobby is a therapy of liveliness, positivity and happiness for the family. So, let’s rebuild childhood by doing fun activities for kids indoors.

“Encouraging a child means that one or more of the following critical life messages are coming through, either by word or by action: I believe in you, I trust you, I know you can handle this, You are listened to, You are cared for, You are very important to me.” ~ Barbara Coloroso






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