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Hello Readers,

About me! So, to begin with, in this section of my blog, I am a bit sceptical as to where to begin from. I have crossed a long pathway of 9 years to finally reach here. Ok, let me give a brief about myself giving a halt to your imaginations about me. I started my career as a content writer back in 2013, for which I could sit in front of the screen and get engrossed in writing even a small piece of content.

In short, I loved my job back then and I still love it. But the hunger for learning lead me towards pursuing a career in digital marketing and from a content writer I became an SEO expert and a content specialist both by the end of 2017. I worked in a Digital marketing agency, creating content for various hotel industries, hospitality sector, education sector, workspace selling, etc.

A sudden transformation

Then, suddenly I got a change in my life. From a professional content and SEO expert, I became a mom. This sudden transformation made me feel fantastic and when I hold my little bundle of joy in my arms, a thought erupted in my mind, ‘I have to be the best mom’.

Although, the journey has just begun and I already know, that a mom doesn’t know each and everything. My little one is two and a half now and I have realized that learning is a two-way process. Children teach you a lot every day as they grow. This is my little story of a transition from a digital marketer to a mom.

Problems that I faced

As I said above, there is a lot of difference between having a will to be the best mom and being one. You have to go through a lot of hits and trials regarding nutrition, medicines, doctors, home remedies, teaching styles, physical development, mental growth and social attitude of your kid.

Learning is a joy

You must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right — Rosa Parks, U.S. civil rights activist

My experience says that you learn new things every day, even if your child becomes an adult. It proves that being a mom is indeed a tough job, but not an impossible one.

How can I help other moms?

I am learning to be a better mom every day by learning and knowing things from elders, doctors, reputed parenting bloggers and of course my mom (mom-in-law too). I decided to share my knowledge with other moms and that is my sole intention to start with goodforkids.in

Mother’s well-being is equally important

Raising a child needs energy, will and consistency that I gather every morning I wake up. I am all drained up when I go to sleep in the night. Through my blog, I will throw light on the fitness of mother and child both through authentic sources. If my little contribution of spreading knowledge could make lives better, I’ll be more than happy.

Awareness is like the sun. When it shines on things, they are transformed – Thich Nhat Hanh



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